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“I didn’t think you’ll be so into
since you’re like


into fashion!” my
go out slurred in my opinion over the downtown area margaritas one night. She was basically passive-aggressively insulting myself all-night but this review forced me on top of the advantage. We thought a rage boil inside of my human body. A red mist made their means into my personal frame of sight. We clenched my fists when I felt the wonderfully snazzy devil of unabashed anger overtake the totality of my existence.

“the reason why is it possible you imagine


? Fashion happens to be boundary-breaking you foolish idiot. Would you have any idea which Vivianne Westwood is actually?” We hissed, battling straight back the compulsion to put my $14 agave margarita on her behalf along with her hideous merlot-colored sweater (fun).

She stared at me personally blankly. I took her silence as a cue to continue. We calmly deposit my personal drink and hopped to my personal proverbial soapbox.

“ladies operate the fashion business. Women are the most crucial people in fashion. Women can be the visionaries behind trend. Women can be the customers of fashion. Coco Chanel is actually a fashion/feminist icon. Therefore is Grace Jones. Josephine Baker. Madonna. Anna Wintour. Diane Von Furstenberg. Jenna F*cking Lyons. Are you aware of just who any of these men and women are, you merlot-sweater dressed in, unaware, unstylish arsehole?!” we screamed, my eyes feeling sore and dry from swallowing from my mind so extremely.

Of course, we went all of our individual ways and do not talked once again.

However, I defend my personal outburst. I am tired of individuals minimizing the
art of style
and drawing inane conclusions any particular one can not lust after beautiful garments and would like to smash the patriarchy. Indeed, that idea by yourself, is actually significantly rooted in misogyny. It comes from outdated white men wanting to trivialize the imagination and self-expression of females.

Having said that, if you should be internet dating a fashion-loving-feminist, or tend to be friends with a fashion-loving-feminist you wish to spoil,


in case you are a fashion-loving-feminist who wants to splurge on herself, look no further, kitten.

For I am a style-obsessed dyke which only spent the woman entire workday searching for chic feminist couture.

Listed below are nine of my favorite presents for


types of lady, babes.

1. Imperial Girl Gang Faux Fur Zip Up

Photo by Dolls Kill



Exactly Why It Really Is Perfect:

Just is this portion is a wonderful

pastel purple (

in fact it is a widely flattering hue beloved by all fashion crazed organizations), additionally it is a cruelty-free fuzzy, faux-fur (real feminists never slay pets for trend, ever…) as well as the inside face “girl group” zipper is actually fierce and unapologetic


We like the way the ~soft tone~ juxtaposes resistant to the ~badass gold zipper~ and ~pendant~. That is best because women is generally both soft and badass, pastel and dark AF, got it?

Buy here.

2. Pleased With My Body System Tee

Pic by Valfré



Why its perfect:

This amazing tee is designed of the only Valfrè, a phenomenal female musician just who slays both in art and fashion (GO Mag relate editor/our private manner icon Dayna has actually two Valfrè tattoos!). The style globe provides a long-standing reputation of shaming ladies with regards to their systems, so to put on a stylish as hell tee, shamelessly declaring your love for your system… since is a goddamn political work within these dark colored occasions, baby!

Purchase right here.

3. Tick Tock Bra/Top

Pic by Patricia Fields



Exactly why it really is perfect:

We’ve been looking forward to a top like this in regards to our entire physical lives, nice kittens. This art-meets-fashion portion by artist Lana Padilla is among a form, hand-painted beauty with an attractive, creative collection of TITS  coated correct on the spot in which the real tits sleep.

We love tits and then we love trend centered on our very own love of boobs. (Purr). Yes, $100 might seem high for a glorified sports bra, but


. This is an enthusiast’s object, thus consider this as a good investment piece. You might even frame it and hang it on the wall structure if you are sick of using it!

Buy here.

4. Cunt Cuff



Why it really is great

: we have reclaimed the term “cunt,” therefore in case you. After all, why should pussy end up being a “bad term” if it is a another means of saying sacred cunt? This tough cooperation between notorious downtown hair stylist Patricia area and developer incredibly Generated is the perfect declaration portion the haute couture feminist. Also,

it really is gold.

And gold may be the chicest shade in existence, but you currently understood that, babes.

Order here.

5. F*ck Surrounding And Discover Bomber Jacket

Pic by Creature Of Routine



Exactly why its best:

Women can be trained not to perform the following things: Swear to make dangers. Both are considered “unladylike.” This coat really does both: it utilizes top swear word of all of the (f*ck yes!) and threatens all which dare to f*ck utilizing the badass girl using this badass bomber (it will piss down conservatives and it’s really extremely chic/fashionable to piss down conservatives).

Also, bombers? We like bomber jackets; they can be the right option to border up any outfit. Example: we’re going to wear pretty pink dresses and put a bomber outrageous, leaving the people feeling wildly disoriented. Considering that the just thing more elegant these days than pissing off conservatives, is actually disrupting the conventional.

Buy right here.

6. Rise Up Beanie

Photo by Tomboy X



Precisely why it is perfect:

Fashion ladies love hats (we love all accessories truly, “accessorise otherwise DIE” is actually our motto) and it’s cool AF outside. This beanie is actually sophisticated, easy, and is our favorite tone:

Now on black

, duh. Additionally, profits go directly to the Southern Poverty Law Center, therefore it is ethical, proving again that fashion and ethics can co-exist. In addition Tomboy X? we are obsessed with this progressive, women-owned and operated style line.

Buy here.

7. El Futuro Es Mujer Tee



The reason why it’s perfect:

It really is an amazing riff off of the “Future is actually feminine” viral clothing, therefore conveys solidarity with females worldwide. Its manufactured in Guatemala, it’s an attractive fit, and it is feminist as f*ck, for this reason it is best (would i must say i want to keep detailing my self, babes?).

Order here.

8. Dr. Marten Persephone Boot

Photo by Dr. Marten



Why it’s best:

Nothing is a lot more iconic, nothing more “tomboy trendy” as compared to traditional Dr. Marten boot. While I watched these bad women in London 2 years ago, we practically passed around! At long last a Dr. Marten with a heel? I imagined those happened to be a shoe urban legend!

This is actually the perfect present for your tough feminist who wants a little bit of a heel, hottie. These footwear tend to be comfortable sufficient to protest in (I wore them for the ladies’ march in DC) and classy enough to maintain your manner magnificence, from rally into the f*cking restaurant, honey!

Order these days.

9. Surprise Certificate to Wildfang

Picture by wildfang


Nevertheless a great deal you should provide the lady, babe.

Why it really is best:

Wildfang provides perfected feminist/lez smart, along with its statement t-shirts, their crazy feminist collection and its own iconic “tomorrow is feminine” AND “the near future is liquid” garments.

Let her pick and choose just what she likes because she understands exactly what she likes a lot better than anybody, you are sure that?

Order here.

What are your preferred fashion adoring feminist gift ideas? Feedback below!

Zara Barrie could be the Executive Editor of GO Mag. She actually is used by style, sexuality, women, words, style and thoughts. She identifies as a “mascara lesbian” and lives beyond the woman means in New york. Stalk the girl on

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